Ep6-History of Gladiators

In this episode the guys go over the history of gladiators.  There’s not much else to say.  Check out the raw unedited version also on the stream.

Ep5-WWII: Revenge of Gay Hitler Strike From the Rear

In this episode, Joe talks about events in Japan leading up to WWII and the Niihau incident.  Tim explains the adventures of a real American hero and Lou provides much needed comic relief.

Ep4-History of Superstitions

In this episode, the guys researched the history of superstitions. Tim talks about the raw data, Joe talks about the origins and Lou talks about his love for theater (theater related superstitions). This one is a more loose, banter-filled podcast. Let them know if you prefer this format or the tight format. The show is yours to decide!

Ep3-WWII: Rise of Gay Hitler

In this episode the guys have researched the events leading up to World War II from the perspective of the countries which make up the Axis of Evil. Lou starts the show off talking about Hitler’s man crush on Benito Mussolini and lets us know just how inept the WWII Italian army really was. Tim brings up the end with the deceit and conniving perpetrated by Hitler and lets us know just how crazy the man actually was. (Hint: dude was trying to make undead Nazi super soldiers) Joe is so awestruck by the information he just curls into a ball and begs not to follow the awesomeness that happened, so we will go over Japan in the sequel. ENJOY!

Welcome Erin S.! Our first non-host member!

Erin, you’re the first e-mail address that doesn’t show up on a spam report, so you’re either the laziest spammer ever or a real person.  Let’s hope you’re real!  If we all believe in her and clap our hands Erin may stay!

Ep2-History of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Welcome back!  Thanks for sticking with us through the uninformative mess that was the first episode.  This episode, the guys actually did some research.  This episode will take you from Judo’s creation at the hands of Jigoro Kano at the Kodokan all the way up to modern day Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which practitioner Eric Weintraub is nice enough to demonstrate on an unfortunate competitor in the above picture.

 This episode has been brought to you by Sakura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu located in Dover, NJ.  Fear the flower!


Our sources for this episode…

Episode 2 Is Almost Here!

While you wait on us discussing the history of brazilian jiu jitsu, check out this awesome documentary that follows Rickson Gracie.


We are officially on Itunes

Alright, Apple, you done fucked up.  Releasing us on the world like that is downright irresponsible.  I have a feeling Steve Jobs is turning in his fur-lined, diamond-studded, reclaimed hardwood coffin right now.

Ep1-Meet the Guys!

This is a short intro to the hosts and premise of the podcast.  The guys get to know the microphones and each other a little better.

Our website is up

Hey all!  Welcome to the official website of the “History of Guy Stuff” podcast.  This is a work in progress as I have NO CLUE how to use wordpress, but that’s ok.  I don’t have a clue about a lot of stuff I do and it seems to work out.  Our first podcast should be up shortly.  In the meantime follow us on Twitter @guystuffpodcast or register for our forums and start talking all the shit you want.