Ep11: Joe’s Wedding Night w/Guests Kevin Bischoff & Chris Rallo

In this episode the guys have Kevin Bischoff and Chris Rallo from the hit podcast “Resequencer.”  Joe tells the story of his unconventional wedding night which includes a crazy woman, a horny friend, the cops, an oversized poodle and, not surprisingly, no sex.  Lou and Kevin show off their freestyling skills and lack of knowledge of magic.  Chris saw David Copperfield.  Tim’s still gay.

Ep9-History of Vikings…Kind of

In this episode the guys talk about the history of vikings to include berserker rage, bad trips and Halo.  Lots of Halo.

Ep8-Lou’s Conspiracy Corner! Rothchilds/Illuminati

In this episode Lou hacks the stream Max Headroom-style (look it up) and drops some knowledge on the Rothchilds, the Illuminati and the banking system.  Joe and Tim are awestruck with the wealth of knowledge and fear for their lives if this should get out, but the show must go on.  Strap on your tin foil hats and grab your chemtrail masks, because Lou’s Conspiracy Corner is finally here!!!  Be sure to pick up your Lou’s Conspiracy Corner “I Believe” shirts at http://www.cafepress.com/HistoryofGuyStuff.  #hogs #lcc #conspiracy #rothchilds #illuminati

Ep7-History of X-Men

In this episode, Lou and Tim finally find something they care about while Joe gets to take a back seat and mess with the other guys.  Join the trio as they take you through the ages of X-Men, both in the canon of the series and in the real world.

Ep6-UNCUT-History of Gladiators

The guys research and discuss the history of gladiators.  This version has an extra hour of material deemed suitable only for the true HOGS fans out there.  Enjoy!

Ep6-History of Gladiators

In this episode the guys go over the history of gladiators.  There’s not much else to say.  Check out the raw unedited version also on the stream.

Ep5-WWII: Revenge of Gay Hitler Strike From the Rear

In this episode, Joe talks about events in Japan leading up to WWII and the Niihau incident.  Tim explains the adventures of a real American hero and Lou provides much needed comic relief.

Ep4-History of Superstitions

In this episode, the guys researched the history of superstitions. Tim talks about the raw data, Joe talks about the origins and Lou talks about his love for theater (theater related superstitions). This one is a more loose, banter-filled podcast. Let them know if you prefer this format or the tight format. The show is yours to decide!