Korean War kind of…

In this episode the guys pay their due respects to the heroes of a forgotten war and the men of the special operations “hand job” batallion.

2017 Sucked Hard: A Year In Review


In this episode Lou is still lost in another dimension so Tim, Rick and Joe all discuss important events of 2017.  Well, they try to.  Joe turns evil and supports everything that is bad in this world and Rick rides up in his gleaming white armor to defend truth, justice and the American way.  Tim’s still gay.

Ep 22: Bermuda Triangle

Joe, Rick, and Tim delve into the history of the Bermuda triangle. Is it aliens, sea monsters, or just a really farty ocean?  Tune in to find out.  Also, Lou may or may not have been teleported somewhere terrible…

Episode 21- “The History of Samurai” aka #SamuraiSunday

In this Episode, Lou and Rick go on an adventure to Jersey City to visit the shows old friends Kevin and Chris (ep-11) to talk about the incredible history of the illustrious Japanese Samurai! Rick cant say a Japanese name, Kevin talks about an important battle that shped Japans future and Chris gets the gold star for research. Enjoy and dont forget to subscribe/rate/review.

History of Jean-Claude Van Damme

The guys go way way back in their time machines to the early 90s when everyone was wearing a hypercolor shirt and thinking that weirdly deep splits were a good thing.  That’s right.  It’s the history of JCVD!!!!

History of Marijuana

In this episode the guys discuss the sordid and racist history of marijuana prohibition and its use throughout the ages.

Dane Tesla Horse Wrestla: The untold story of Nikola Tesla

In this episode the guys uncover a dark past wherein an undisputable genius (Nikola Tesla) and possible madman (also Nikola Tesla) has to bear witness to the death of his brother at the hands of a beloved family horse.  Was this an assassination or simply a case of horse wrestling gone wrong.  Friend of the podcast Rick joins the guys and brings the heat to the point where everyone is scrambling to update their resumes.

Ep16: History of Spartans


In this episode the guys talk about the real facts behind the myth of the manliest men in the history of humanity while Joe finds he has a crush on a woman who’s been dead for over 2000 years.

Ep14: History of Space Exploration

In this episode the guys talk about the past exploits by man in space, what’s currently going on, and what the future holds.  And, no spoilers, but one of the guys had an orgy and tells the story.  Tune in to find out who!

Ep 13: History of Alcohol w/Juliette Miranda

The guys finally have their first real guest on.  Juliette Miranda of the Unwritable rant podcast joins the guys to discuss everyone’s favorite subject…ALCOHOL!!!.  Follow her at theunwriteablerant.com