Dane Tesla Horse Wrestla: The untold story of Nikola Tesla

In this episode the guys uncover a dark past wherein an undisputable genius (Nikola Tesla) and possible madman (also Nikola Tesla) has to bear witness to the death of his brother at the hands of a beloved family horse.  Was this an assassination or simply a case of horse wrestling gone wrong.  Friend of the podcast Rick joins the guys and brings the heat to the point where everyone is scrambling to update their resumes.

Ep16: History of Spartans


In this episode the guys talk about the real facts behind the myth of the manliest men in the history of humanity while Joe finds he has a crush on a woman who’s been dead for over 2000 years.

Ep15: Tim’s Time of the Month on Comic Book Movies

Episode 15 Tim’s Time of the MOnth

It’s that moment we’ve all been dreading.  Tim goes on the rag and rants about the stuff that has been driving him nuts.  This time it is the nonsense associated with terrible comic book movies and how they make his lady parts feel.  Lou empathizes since their cycles have synced up and Joe weighs the pros and cons of going on a murderous rampage if he has to listen to any more comic book talk.  #podernfamily #rant #comicbooks #movies #crazy

Ep14: History of Space Exploration

In this episode the guys talk about the past exploits by man in space, what’s currently going on, and what the future holds.  And, no spoilers, but one of the guys had an orgy and tells the story.  Tune in to find out who!

Ep 13: History of Alcohol w/Juliette Miranda

The guys finally have their first real guest on.  Juliette Miranda of the Unwritable rant podcast joins the guys to discuss everyone’s favorite subject…ALCOHOL!!!.  Follow her at theunwriteablerant.com

Ep 12: History of Football (American)

In this episode the guys briefly discuss the origins of football before moving on to their love/hate relationship with Tom Brady and discussing scandals which have rocked the NFL.

Ep11: Joe’s Wedding Night w/Guests Kevin Bischoff & Chris Rallo

In this episode the guys have Kevin Bischoff and Chris Rallo from the hit podcast “Resequencer.”  Joe tells the story of his unconventional wedding night which includes a crazy woman, a horny friend, the cops, an oversized poodle and, not surprisingly, no sex.  Lou and Kevin show off their freestyling skills and lack of knowledge of magic.  Chris saw David Copperfield.  Tim’s still gay.

Ep10-History of Women in Fiction

In this episode the guys talk about their top five favorite women from fiction, the history behind them, and the significance and impact these women have had on their lives.  There’s also a bunch of “She’s hot” comments.  Enjoy!

Ep9-History of Vikings…Kind of

In this episode the guys talk about the history of vikings to include berserker rage, bad trips and Halo.  Lots of Halo.

Ep8-Lou’s Conspiracy Corner! Rothchilds/Illuminati

In this episode Lou hacks the stream Max Headroom-style (look it up) and drops some knowledge on the Rothchilds, the Illuminati and the banking system.  Joe and Tim are awestruck with the wealth of knowledge and fear for their lives if this should get out, but the show must go on.  Strap on your tin foil hats and grab your chemtrail masks, because Lou’s Conspiracy Corner is finally here!!!  Be sure to pick up your Lou’s Conspiracy Corner “I Believe” shirts at http://www.cafepress.com/HistoryofGuyStuff.  #hogs #lcc #conspiracy #rothchilds #illuminati